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The Least Dangerous Extreme Sports You Should Try

You have probably heard that extreme sports are awesome, right? People who regularly take part in these sports love the adrenaline rush, the excitement, and tons of fun these sports bring with them.

It doesn’t matter what the actual sport is, whether it is bungee jumping, BMX, kite surfing or something else, if it’s deemed extreme, it’s fun and exciting. And, that’s why people love them. But, why don’t you take things easy for a start? Let’s see some ‘less-dangerous’ extreme sports that you could try if you want to experience the adrenaline rush many people love.

Indoor skiing


To begin this extreme sports list, let’s explain what indoor skiing is. Indoor skiing is a sport that you can only try in a few special places on the globe. One such place is Dubai. The gist here is that someone has built a facility where machines mimic the real conditions when you are skiing. To be precise, these are usually ski resorts that are thousands of square meters large. These resorts have slopes, snow, and everything that will make you feel like it’s the real deal. But, it’s not. To maintain the slopes, the resorts produce snow at night. Insulation is also a priority here because you will most likely find these resorts in places where there are no snowy or cold days at all. If you decide to give this a try, you will appreciate the fact that facing an avalanche in these resorts is not possible, there are no fluctuations in real mountain skiing. Awesome, right?

Flowriding (safe surfing)


How would you feel if you heard that surfing can be done without the risk of drowning or anything similar? That would be cool, right? You’d be able to learn the basics if you are new to this sport without getting scared of the falling consequences. Well, actually, you can try this. There are these things called FlowRider machines that pump water upwards over the top of ‘sheet’ waves. You actually step on the board that is being lifted by the oncoming water on the sheet. And, all of a sudden, you feel like you are surfing some sea somewhere. But, this time you don’t have to be scared. Nothing bad will happen if you fall. Of course, you can find various courses with these machines, some are bigger, some are smaller. But, one thing is for sure, no matter the size, you will have tons of fun.

Rock climbing

Free climbing, rock climbing, and all sorts of climbing are popular nowadays. Truthfully, this is no surprise since climbing can be really fun. However, it can be extremely dangerous at the same time. And, that’s the border not many are willing to cross. Fortunately, there are ways to do rock climbing and still be safe. You can try indoor rock climbing. You are probably familiar with this sport. There is a huge wall with artificial rocks. You are secured by a belt connected to the roof. You start the incline, think about your next moves, you patiently build your way up to the top. As you start looking for the venue where there is a climbing wall, you will notice that the sizes can vary. You will find small climbing walls and you will find huge ones. Some even offer hundreds of square feet of climbable surfaces. Cool, right?

Pool scuba diving

This is another safe version of a potentially dangerous extreme sport. This time, you will get a chance to scuba dive in a safe and controlled environment. To be precise, you will get to scuba dive in an indoor pool. When you try scuba diving in a pool, you won’t stumble upon coral, various animals, you won’t experience cold water. If you have a skin condition, you won’t have to deal with the sun. Some people are afraid of the ocean and its mysterious depths and that’s why they resort to pool scuba diving. Why torture yourself when you don’t have to? If this is possible in a pool, surely you’d like to try it?

Safe car racing

This one is for all you petrol heads out there! All of you who adore that need for speed, gather around. Here is a legal and safe way to fulfill your speedy fantasies. Various tracks offer people great cars that they can rent to drive around a racetrack at top speeds, just to get a sense of what high speeds feel. You can either rent out a vehicle or pay to drive your own at the track. The choice is yours. This is not rare, more and more tracks in the world offer this great adventure. If you want more fun, look for tracks that offer luxurious cars. Of course, in order for you to get a hold of one of those supercars, you will have to spend more.


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